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Why choose mYNW

Social Media Marketing, WEB Services, and SEO

Market your net worth social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Are you stressed because you don’t understand Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and feel you have to post once a day, three times a week…it can be overwhelming and one more thing to do in and for your business. 

Maybe you have tried or hired someone to help and haven’t seen your ROI – return on investment OR don’t see the value in social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any other platform. 

Whatever your objection, talk to us about our custom social media marketing.  We have very competitive rates WE won’t lock you into year-long contracts and start getting noticed on your favorite social media platforms.

Custom Designed Websites

Market Your Net Worth works with organizations developing custom websites, and our goal is to develop coded sites designed to your organization’s needs. Why do you care, or should you? Custom sites are better designed and work better for your business.  Coded to do the job necessary to work for you online… 


market your net worth seo


What will Market Your Net Worth do for your Search Engine Optimization…
Market Your Net Worth will help you find relevant keywords with good search traffic potential for your business and industry.

  • We will work to create and optimize pages for your website.  Why is it important???  
  • It will help search engines and anyone looking for your products and services.
  • Good SEO will make sure your custom optimized website is accessible to both bots and potential customers looking for you!

SEO is coded into our sites and optimized to connect with your demographic, driving traffic to your custom site.  We didn’t build your site, ask us about our SEO services and how we can help…

After you Add in Custom Pages to your site, Think about Photography, Video, and a Video Business Card to drive organic traffic to your site, and it’s a great way to Market Your Net Worth.

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