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Video Business Card

Video Business Card - create sales force, Growth and Success!

Marketing is tough and time-consuming. I hear business owners say they don’t know where to start…have you ever thought…Does my potential client think of me as a commodity and charge more? Why don’t they value my services? I wish I could be in more than one place at a time?  Our Passion and Purpose drives us every day to do more and help solves problems.

Our Video Business card builds the human connection, relationship quickly, building trust.  Your potential clients will see you as an asset and understand what you do and why they need your products and services.  The video business card frees you up to your marketing struggles, helping you and your team’s sales journey process.

The video business card has hundreds of salespeople talking on social media…online…answering 5 questions for them.

  • Who you are
  • Why you do what you do, why they should hire you
  • Where you do business
  • What you do for them
  • How you do business

Add in your call to action post on Social media, your website, and put it under your email signature! Cost-effectively delivering your message to advertise and market your business…making it look like you are everywhere!  Market Your Net Worth’s “video” business card works for you 24/7.

Video business cards influence people and make a massive impact in your business by emotionally connecting, communicating your message, and visually showing what you do.

Your digital card can be a very personalized way to reach and directly connect you with your target audience. 
Video Business Cards are great for:
  • Creating Unstoppable SalesForce
  • Introducing/re-introducing your business
  • Creating positive and controlled impressions
  • Generating leads
  • Cultivating referrals
  • Building long-lasting professional relationships
Share your video business cards via:
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Text messages



Social and physical distancing has made passing business cards a real challenge . . . until now.   

Market Your Net Worth’s “video” business card is your pathway through the “new normal.”  business meetings could move to a hybrid model of meeting in person, BUT business has still changed.  Are you meeting other people all over the country? Virtual meetings are here to stay!  AND in-person meetings, the truth of losing business cards is a reality! How many cards are on your desk draw, and you don’t remember who they are, what they look like, and what they do?

Video Business card lives on your phone…you never run out of cards, your contact will carry your contact info, message, what you look like and what your business is with them.  They can pass your video business card to anyone instantly! Call it your marketing card or your instant business card!

If you are doing Zoom or Google virtual meetings, how are you following up?  Are you calling or connecting on social media? Do you remember them, or do they remember you? Video business cards are a new way for you to stand out and be remembered! 

Market, Your Net Worth, Customizes each card and personalized message, showing why your potential clients need your services.   


Brand NEW!!! Video Brochure! Need something more? We can customize a video brochure of your products and services for you. 


Business owners and clients are much more comfortable hiring people they KNOW . . . LIKE . . . and TRUST.  Think about yourself when was the last time you hired someone you didn’t know, like, and trust.

Introduce yourself to your next potential client, reach out to past clients to reconnect through a video business card, and let Market Your Net Worth lead you on the path to success.

 Easy as 1 – 2 – 3  

We help guide you through the process with your script, feeling comfortable in front of the camera, and your final video. With every Video.  Do you hate being on video, we can solve this problem for you! Voiceover! Don’t lose out and miss out. We will help you with your business video card.

Business Card you will receive:  

  • Your Logo on the Video Business Card

  • All of your Contact Information

  • Optional Social Media Icons

A great value-added!!! 


Who are our clients? And who can benefit from a Video business card? 

TV Personality, Signature Premier Properties, Douglas Elliman realtor, New York Life Insurance Agents, Coaches, Mortgage Professionals, Surgeons, Dentists, Karyn Ann Mobile Spa, UnKaged K-9 Dog Trainer, Multi-Level Marketing Company, Non-Profit or Fundraising, Sales, Entrepreneurs, Small, Medium or Large Business Owners…and the list is growing.

Are you ready to create your customized video business card?

  • Create your unstoppable salesforce 

  • Be Bolder Than Your Competition

  • Be Seen By thousands of people for More Sales!

CAll 516.942.4225, and let’s get started today!

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