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Secret Santa give away

Attn: Business Owners and Professionals!

Tell us your story. How and why you started your business?

Tell us your story…Market Your Net Worth is doing a secret Santa this year! We will announce our gift on December 23! Give us your best!

Market Your Net Worth is giving a Gift of One Video Business card to one small business or professional who submits their story to

Looking for Real and Authentic stories about why you wanted to start your business and how you help. We want to help You!

Winner must come to Sayvile, NY to film their card with in 60 days of selecting winner.

No cash value and other restrictions may apply.

Contact us for details.

Tell us your story…



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  1. I have always loved to read and to learn, with the exception being when the reading/learning was related to school. So, it is more than a little ironic that teaching is my passion. After graduating from college, I worked on Wall Street for ten years before moving into technology. However, it wasn’t until I started tutoring in 2004, when my martial arts instructor pleaded with me to help him, that I found my passion. Teaching resonated with me, and it meant so much to me to be able to help someone who was struggling; because one of my children was in special education. As you may know, when you accept that reality your expectations for that child are lowered. It was at a Meet the Teacher event that I met my son’s teacher- Mrs. Long. She spoke so highly of my son and predicted that he would be taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes, I didn’t know what to make of that. But 3 years later he graduated High School with 6 AP classes, and was accepted to SUNY Geneseo, we pushed him to go for it and while he struggled at first, he graduated with an excellent GPA and he earned a Fellowship to Seton Hall for his Masters. I tutored Accounting, Economics and Finance, as well as, any subject that people just could not get. It turns out that Accounting, Economics and Finance can be challenging to learn- and given all the jargon in those subjects; especially if you do not have any background it those topics it could be insurmountable. My ability to eliminate the complex jargon and simplify the subject matter, while giving real world examples of the concepts.. That was one of the most amazing feelings- when the light goes on and they get it! That is my why.

    Keith Ginsberg
    Club Z! Tutoring

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