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Kim & Flip in Action

UnKaged K9 Kim & Flip in Action!

And their Special Story...Enjoy.

So, this is Milo, now known as Flip, Updog Champion, Extraordinaire! I adopt Milo about a year and a half ago and was never able to integrate him into my pack, with my two other cowdogs. He was fine with my female but not with my male. After a very difficult time and a recommendation from a local trainer to have him euthanized, I was very fortunate to find Kimberly Ventiere of Unkaged K9 out of Long Island. She wanted a frisbee dog. I met with her and told her everything about Milo and she STILL wanted him, lol. I expected to receive a call within a week for me to take him back. She had male dogs in and out of her training program plus a small child. But that call never came. Instead, I've received many pictures of Milo, renamed Flip…as he trained and worked, which is the video below. I also included my favorite picture of the two of them together.

Kimberly works miracles, plain and simple. If she had not taken Milo, I would have wound up having him put down, unfortunately. So, anyone looking for a trainer in the Long island area, Kimberly is the real deal. Just ask Flip!

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