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Market Your Net Worth FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Market Your Net Worth FAQ
Can I use a selfie for a PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT? Your Face is Your Brand! If your business is online, your online presence needs to show professionalism and confidence to your prospects!  You need an updated professional headshot to show the world who you are!  It is an investment in your business and yourself. 
Where can I use my branded images?  Always make a good first impression and use your professional headshot everywhere you have an online and offline presence.  Social media profiles, email signatures, and your printed business cards…people connect with faces!  They want to know who they are doing business with.  A friendly face before they call and after a conversation will help them decide to work with you or your competitor.  Connection, confidence, and authenticity because perception is everything!
What should I wear? I recommend using solid colors and stay away from anything that will compete with your face.  Think about any compliments you received when wearing any particular color. “Wow, you look great. I love when you wear this color.” Jewel tones or pastels to bring out your eyes or look good with your skin tone.  Try on different colors and ask your family or friends what they think.
Women – different color shirts and add a blazer and go from a casual look to a corporate one.
Men – different color shirts and change your tie for the look you are going for.
How is my hair? This question is second asked when my clients come into my studio.  I recommend getting your haircut (and if you color) 1-2 weeks before your session so it can grow into your natural look.  Never get it cut right before your portrait session.  For your executive portrait, you want to look and feel great, consider making an appointment with your stylist to have your hair done!
Should I wear makeup? I recommend going a little heavier than you usually wear when you go out during the day or use date night as a good rule of thumb.  If you don’t wear makeup, then light powder and mascara are recommended.  Never go too heavy or wear colors that you don’t normally wear because you won’t look like you and won’t be happy with the results.
Can you retouch? Yes, I can. Let me know what you need, and I will see what I can do. Typically I will lightly retouch to refresh your natural look unless you would like us to do a little more.
What is the investment in time and cost? I include an hour portrait session, and you can have several different clothing changes within the hour.  Market Your Net Worth will upload your images to an online gallery for you to select your favorite images.
Your investment is $299 for your executive headshot and, it includes two retouched images. If you need more images, no problem, you can order additional images.
How can I receive the images?  Market Your Net Worth will email images directly to you.  They are hi-res images. If you need any images resized, reach out to us, and we will resize at no additional cost.
Market Your Net Worth FAQ
Market Your Net Worth FAQ

Video Business Cards

Market Your Net Worth video business cards are an amazing tool for you to engage prospective clients, engage past clients, and gain referrals, closing more sales. 
Prepping for your session is a step-by-step process, and we are here to help you become successful from start to finish. Market Your Net Worth will talk about marketing strategy, target audience, and your end goal.  We will start backward with your end goal in mind and reverse engineer; that’s how we create your success.
It starts with your message; what do you want to say and whom? We will help you with your script, making sure it’s in your brand voice. 
Telling stories is very powerful; think about your clients first and how you have helped them and their problems and your solutions.
What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? What makes you better, unique, strengths and more valuable than your competition? What is uniquely yours and stay away from saying we offer better customer service because that is a common answer other businesses say, again be unique. We will help you with your messaging.
The video filming is up to an hour-long. With the tools we have, our clients are more relaxed, confident, and happy to record their videos.  Their video business cards become their marketing card giving the ROI they are looking for.
Customizing your video business card has unique features and includes pictures, video, and music giving the benefit of emotional connection, feeling they understand and know your business. 
All of your contact information to your video business card, working for you 24/7. 
Your small investment for this video commercial is $597.
Market Your Net Worth FAQ

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Other Services: On location Professional Photography & Video 

Market Your Net Worth on-location services are quoted per job because of their scope of work. Please call us and, we are happy to discuss your needs to see how we can help you. 


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