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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 

Marketing for Cyber Monday

We have become accustom to Cyber Monday, looking for the deal after the Thanksgiving holiday.

It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online when it was almost unheard of and maybe even mistrusted…now its part of our every day life.  We don’t think twice of putting our credit card and hitting send to purchse what we like and what we need. If your business isn’t online and marketing on social media you are missing out and your competitors are winning your customers.  What are you offering? What specials are different and what can you do?

Think of what your customers and clients have asked for, needed, problems you solved all year, what can be useful and be incoporated into your marketing.  Post the solutions on your website, blog and social media.  Connecting with the online audience, potential customers, re-engaging with current clients. Video is effective and another way to get your message out.  You  have competition for everyone’s holiday buying dollars NOW, so how can you make it EYE popping and stopping the THUMB from scrolling past. Short fun, professional videos keeping their attention will help engaged on your website, social media pages.

If you are still unclear ask your clients, they are your best source of information.  Short poll in the store, online, on social media will give you the best way to see what they want.  Brainstorm to see with other business owners in your chamber of commerce, networking groups or other business owner friends to see what they have found effective or contact us! We can help you give creative ideas on how to engage your audience.

Listen all year round and track what they are buying, what they need and use it for your specials, sales and different times of they year you want to promote your business.

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