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About Market Your Net Worth

Branding, Reputation, Presence, and Messaging

Branding is the simplest way to tell everyone about your business. In one image you get to tell everyone what you have to offer and the value of your product. It’s your Reputation for excellence. Does your messaging match the level of your Brand?


About Us:

You only have 7 SECONDS or LESS to make a good impression on your website before your potential client leaves!  Market Your Net Worth believes your video and images, online presence, branding, and messaging are just as important as every other part of your business!

What’s Your (Online) NET Worth?  So many businesses don’t invest in their IMAGE, social media, and marketing put it off to the last second, or not doing it at all!

Don’t get left behind or let it get away from you.  People are online more than ever, using their phones, checking social media…where is your business? Don’t let it hurt your NET Worth.

There is an opportunity to capitalize on your target market. Bringing us in helps take the stress off your shoulders. We develop a tailor-made marketing plan with messaging, photography, and video.

Creating fresh content and delivering it to the people who want and need your services, announcing to your clients and fans the amazing deals and specials you have for them. Doing all that at a fraction of the cost would take to put your ad in the paper or on television.

The business owner can get back to what they need to focus on.

Think about your target market…who are the people you solve problems for? How can you reach them more effectively?

The answer is…Social media and your blog…We can help you create the content, market, and connect with VIDEO and PHOTOGRAPHY!

Why? Social Media is where the eyeballs are, and your blog drives traffic organically to your website.  Just think everyone is on their phone, checking their social media apps…standing online when they are waiting for??? They are looking to be entertained and for education about your products and services and we can help.

You become the expert and thought leader in your industry. Putting your business in the best light because the image is everything.

The content we create has the ability to be used in all areas of your marketing, print, website, social media, and more.

Our Mission: To increase the success rate of startups and small businesses to improve marketing, images, and performance by bringing success-driven insights, clarity, and focus on increasing standards and growing YOUR online Net Worth. Give us a call and see what we can do for your Business’s Net Worth!

Suzanne Piard was trained in commercial photography and had over 33 years of photography & video experience working with small businesses.  She served on Sayville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Suffolk County Women’s Advisory Commission.

Market Your Net Worth

Market Your Net Worth
53 Main Street, Suite 3
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