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Photography & Video Production

Are you tired of worrying about how your business is going to survive? You offer amazing services and products and if customers only knew how great you are, right? But how do they know you exist!?

How are you finding a way to thrive during these uncertain times? Your business is more than just a way to earn a living, it’s your passion and it’s your dream.

Are you ready to thrive? Just surviving isn’t good enough anymore, until you make that decision…that it’s not…Think about an affordable and creative way to reach your potential customers who need your products and services the most.

Market Your Net Worth uses creative ways to market your business. Professional video and photography and a video business card will do your talking for you and making you visible 24/7 with one click!

We create original, creative, professional video, video business card and images for business and professionals for their online and print marketing needs.  Market Your Net Worth works with different industries to connect and build their online NET worth with original content that starts the conversation.



"I received a call from a networking friend that had a referral for me, I decided to text the person rather than call not knowing if he could be bothered with me at this time, I sent him a text with my video business card, he text back and said thank you your service and Company sounds great just simply send me agreement I know everything I need to know now. Suzanne Market Your Net Worth has become an amazing marketing tool for our firm, you are a shoo-in for success, thank you."

J.M. Hoffman - Instant Office

"I am overwhelmingly impressed by Suzanne and MYNW. They have an unique talent and creativity, as well as marketing savvy, to have not only photographed my attorneys’ headshots, but also to capture action shots of our staff in progress, which we are using in our website redesign. Worth the expense to avoid stock photos, and have Suzanne show your business in the light it needs to be shown."

Timothy Wan - Wan Law Group

"I have been utilizing Suzanne’s extraordinary talent as a photographer for several years now. She has helped me with pictures for my website and marketing material. Whenever I add a vehicle to my fleet I always contact her to photograph the vehicle and then she works hand in hand with my web page designer to be sure everything is uploaded properly. Suzanne is always flexible about setting up appointments and meeting places for a photo shoot. It is a pleasure to work with a true professional who knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently – and always with a smile"

John Salmon - Salmon Limo

Market Your Net Worth


Being seen online is more important for your business now than ever before.

Studies show professional imaging converts better and sets yourself a part from your competition!
Market YOUR Net Worth Gives you the finest quality video and photography for your business.

It's Vital for Business to Go Digital

Business owners and professionals passed business cards hoping the card would reach more than one person and have legs and touch more people, make an impact, be memorable! 

Delivering the message with a tagline on the business card. That little card has such a big job and your business has so much riding on it.  

Just think…how many people are you friends with on social media, how many people do they know? With a single click your video business card has the possibility to talk to thousands of people, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to…evening out the playing field for small businesses and professionals to market themselves in a way that is powerful and effective.  Showing your potential customers why you are the solution to their problems. 

Let’s talk about how Market Your Net Worth can make an impact in your business and build your NET Worth with a video business card.

Video will show your potential clients your products, services, culture, and everything they need to know to make the decision to contact you for more info.  They will remember who you are making video a powerful tool to have.

The best part, marketing has never been so easy…you can text, email, post online social and post on your website.  Starting the conversation with your “clients” right away, making the video business card cost effective way for marketing your business.  Call me today and let’s start the conversation to increase your net worth. 


Market Your Net Worth’s “video” business card is your pathway through the “new normal” and cost-effective way to market yourself.

Using a personal touch, it directly connects you with your target audience, while sharing a focused message at an affordable price.

Video Business Cards are great for:

  • Introducing/re-introducing your business

  • Creating positive and controlled impressions

  • Generating leads

  • Cultivating referrals

  • Building long-lasting professional relationships

Video business cards can be shared via:

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Text messages

Video marketing to tomorrows customer talking to them about your products and services letting them know about who you are, what you do, your why, your culture, building trust so when they have a problem you have started educating, building a relationship and NOW they know who to talk to. They know like and trust you. Market your net worth gives you photography and video, a Video Business Card to build that trust. Showing why you are the solution to their problem.

Professional Photography 

Great images convert better online compared to cell phone images or bad photography.  That’s why your business needs your products and services photographed in the best light and professionally.  Don’t lose out to your competition and use stock images.  WHY? 

Stock images gives the impression of fake or deceptive practices in business.  Remember you only have 7 SECONDS OR LESS to make a good first impression or  LOSE them to your competition!

Market Your Net Worth creates original content for your website, social media and marketing needs.  

Market Your Net Worth

Branding and Messaging

We are able to help you with branding and messaging for your business, keeping your potential clients engaged and keep coming back to your website and on social media.  Don’t stop the conversation!

Market Your Net Worth

Market Your Net Worth 
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